Bilberry may help to reverse cataracts in diabetic dogs.

Bilberry may help to reverse cataracts in diabetic dogs.

Did you know that most diabetic canines will develop cataracts within a year?  Sadly, this common side effect of canine diabetes results in many blind dogs.

However, some herbalists believe this can be avoided.  Natural remedies for dogs, including herbs and vitamin supplements, may help.

Why Are Dogs With Diabetes Prone To Cataracts?

Normally the lens of the eye is transparent.  However, if the lens becomes cloudy and opaque, it blocks vision, eventually leading to blindness.

What would cause the lens to become cloudy?  Dogs with diabetes have high sugar levels in their blood.  The sugar levels in the eyeball rise, as well.  Since the lens of the eye gets all its nutrition from the fluid in the eyeball, sugar levels in the lens rise, too.

In an effort to dilute the sugar, the lens absorbs more water from the eyeball fluid.  The extra water causes the lens to become cloudy, and the dog can no longer see.

This process can happen over a period of several weeks.  Often the owner isn’t even aware of what’s going on until the dog is already blind.  Cataracts in dogs leading to blindness is often the first symptom of canine diabetes that a pet owner will notice.

Is There An Herb That Can Help With Eyesight?

Many herbalists recommend bilberry to prevent or even reverse cataracts.  This little berry is closely related to the common blueberry that just about everyone loves.  People have been using bilberries to help with eye problems for centuries.  RAF pilots even ate bilberry jam during World War II to sharpen their vision.

Research has shown that people who eat bilberries regularly will often have fewer eye problems, including a lower incidence of cataracts.  Bilberry is safe and effective for dogs, too.

What About Antioxidants?

Antioxidants include vitamin E and vitamin C.  These antioxidants may stop the damage that free radicals can cause.  Italian researchers found that the combination of bilberry and vitamin E stopped cataract formation in 97 percent of the people it was given to.

This treatment could benefit your dog, too.  The dosage for dogs  is 50 IU of vitamin E per 10 pounds of weight once a day.

Vitamin C may help, too.  Try 100 mgs per 10 pounds of weight twice a day.  High doses of vitamin C can cause diarrhea, so you may need to give your pet a little less if this becomes a problem.

Where Can You Find Bilberries For Dogs?

GlucoEnsure is an herbal remedy that can help to balance blood sugar levels in dogs with diabetes.  This remedy also contains fenugreek, astragalus, and goat’s rue, as well as chromium.  This remedy is safe, effective, and easy to use.  Many pet owners report that this remedy has helped to lower blood sugar levels in diabetic dogs.

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