Changing your kitty's diet may be all it take to put feline diabetes into remission..

Changing your kitty’s diet may be all it take to put feline diabetes into remission.

Misinformation about diabetes in cats is all too common.  Here are five facts all cat owners should know.

1.  You Can Prevent Feline Diabetes

The evidence is in.  Diabetes in cats is a man-made condition that can be prevented by feeding your kitty either a grain-free cat food, or a high quality canned cat food.

You may be wondering what’s wrong with the dry cat food you pick up at your local big box store.  The problem is that it’s made  mostly from grain.

Cats are not able to digest grains efficiently.  So they have to eat more of them in order to feel full.  Plus grains are full of carbohydrates.  Too many carbs will cause Kitty to gain weight.  And a fat cat is on the fast track to becoming a feline diabetic .

The best way to prevent feline diabetes is to feed your cat a meat-based diet, not a grain-based one.

2.  Diabetes In Cat Is Not A Death Sentence

Some people mistakenly think that a diabetic cat should be put to sleep.  This isn’t true.

Unless Kitty is very old, or has other health issues like kidney failure, most pet owners can manage a diabetic cat without too many problems.  But you do need to realize that there is a is a bit of a learning curve before you become proficient in checking blood sugar levels and giving insulin shots.

Which leads us to…

3.  You’ll Need To Learn How To Check Kitty’s Blood Sugar Levels

Your vet can show you how to check your pet’s blood glucose levels.  It’s important that you learn how to do this.  Otherwise you won’t know if he needs an insulin shot, or how much to give him.

You’ll need either urine test strips, or a glucometer like diabetic humans use.  You and your vet can decide which is better for your cat.

4.  News Flash – Your Diabetic Cat May Not Always Need Insulin

Sometimes changing a cat’s diet from dry grain-based food to canned cat food is all it takes to reverse diabetes in cats.  Losing those extra pounds can make a difference, too.

Move slowly though, when putting a feline diabetic on a diet, or changing his food.  He needs to eat regularly to avoid serious complications like hypoglycemia or fatty liver disease.  Always check with your vet before changing your cat’s diet.

Mild exercise is a natural way to lower blood sugar levels.  But remember, easy does it.  Start slowly to avoid blood sugar crashes, and gradually work up to a couple of ten-minute exercise sessions a day.

5.  Natural Remedies for Cats With Diabetes May Help

Certain herbs, including astragalus, fenugreek, and goat’s rue are very effective in controlling blood sugar levels in human diabetics, and they work just as well in feline diabetics.  Chromium is a trace mineral that also helps in controlling blood glucose.  It’s missing from many grain-based cat foods because it’s removed during the refining process.

A combination of dietary changes, daily exercise, and natural remedies for cats can make it easier to manage a diabetic kitty.  Learn more about products that can help by clicking on any link in this article.

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